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[NEWS] GoLive CS - FileMaker - PHP Modul (engl.)

Dirk Levy
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19. Mai 2004, 21:21
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VisualFX.php "It Just Works"

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida USA - May 19, 2004 - FMWebschool and Chris Hansen
(creator of FX.php) announce the release of VisualFX.php for Adobe GoLive.
VisualFX.php is a development tool that will enable users to quickly and
easily bring their FileMaker 6 and 7 databases to the web. Watch a new movie
of VisualFX.php in action @ http://www.fmwebschool.com or at:
http://fmwebschool.pointinspace.com/VFXDemo.mov You can also download a copy
of the movie and watch it at your convenience. The file is large and takes
about 1-∏ minutes to load. (We would like to thank John May of Point In
Space for setting up another server to facilitate viewing and downloading!)

They say that in order to grow, you have to step out of the box; you have to
move out of the comfort zone. Many of us feel that we are involved in this
everyday as we move from FileMaker 6 to FileMaker 7. Now, many of us also
have to learn new ways to bring FileMaker to the web. Unfortunately like
many proprietary languages, CDML has met its demise. This is why FMWebschool
and Chris Hansen have vigorously pursued an inexpensive, powerful solution
with PHP. Novices to FileMaker Web publishing will find VisualFX.php GUI
interface intuitive and easy to use. Experienced Developers will find that
VisualFX.php allows for rapid project development by providing all of the
necessary elements for interaction with FileMaker.

Why PHP? There are nearly 16 million domains and 1.4 million IP addresses
using PHP. (http://www.php.net/usage.php) A search for PHP on Amazon returns
almost 2000 books. There are thousands of free scripts that can be
integrated with your FileMaker driven web sites, and hundreds of help forums
with some of the best developers in the world ready to help. There is so
much to offer, and it is "FREE". PHP allows you to step out of the box and
no longer be fenced in. A free PHP class for FileMaker has already been
written and is available at: http://www.fmwebschool.com. *FX.php works with
FileMaker 5-7.

VisualFX.php for Adobe GoLive is a set of extensions that allows you to
quickly build a FileMaker driven website just by dragging elements onto your
HTML page. The connection to FileMaker is "live" and you can see the fields,
value lists, etc. in Adobe GoLive as you create your pages. Thousands of
lines of code have been written to pull this together for seamless
integration with FileMaker. "In the next few weeks, you will see some
amazing changes being made" said Stephen Knight of FMWebschool. "The
FileMaker VisualFX.php community will grow to be a strong supported family.
Free upgrades, an online support forum, and some new features such as
graphing, professional charting, and bar-coding options are in the works. An
example would be http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/index.php. This will be
integrated in up-coming releases. We plan to build a community that works
together and provides quality, inexpensive resources coupled with excellent

FX.php training

If you are one of the many that have concerns about bringing FileMaker to
the web, your worries are over! Chris Hansen and Stephen Knight have teamed
up to bring you a training class that will teach you how to rapidly develop
robust web solutions with FX.php. Details about the class are available at:

To learn more about VisualFX.php or FX.php contact FMWebschool at:
visualfx@fmwebschool.com or call 1-800-353-7950, 386-453-5843. Information
about FX.php is available at: http://www.fmwebschool.com/php.htm and at:
http://www.iviking.org Information about VisualFX.php can be found at:

*Per FileMaker Pro Inc. Licensing Agreements, FX.php requires users to use
either FileMaker Unlimited, or FileMaker 7Server Advanced.

Thanks again to John May at Point In Space! http://www.pointinspace.com
Experienced FileMaker, Lasso, PHP and MySQL Hosting on Powerful Xserve, G4
and G3 servers.

FMWebschool provides quality resources and solutions for FileMaker Web
Developers. We continually strive to perfect the relationship between
FileMaker and web technology. Our goal is to empower developers no matter
what their level of expertise, to quickly and easily deploy FileMaker to the

In Kindness
Stephen K Knight

Mr. Knight has written numerous books and articles on FileMaker Pro. He is
the creator of numerous FileMaker developer kits and teaches classes on web
technology and search engine optimization.

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