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Peter Kahrels Skripte sind umgezogen

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12. Dez 2019, 20:38
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Hallo zusammen,

wer gerade http://www.kahrel.plus.com/ ansteuert, erlebt vielleicht einen kleinen Schock: 404 Not Found

Zur Erklärung schreibt Mike Rankin auf InDesignSecrets:

Zitat Peter Kahrel’s Script Repository Comes to CreativePro
Mike Rankin December 11, 2019

Peter Kahrel’s repository of scripts is an immensely important resource for anyone who works on long documents in InDesign. It contains essential scripts for batch converting files, sorting and merging tables, working with book documents, managing footnotes and endnotes, using GREP, and much, much more.

Recently, Peter made the decision to move and close down his website. So when the scripts needed a new home, we were more than delighted to host them. You can now find the repository at https://creativepro.com/...indesignscripts.html

If you have bookmarks or links to the scripts at his old site, be sure to update them since that site could go offline at any time.

Thanks to Peter for all he’s done for InDesign users everywhere!

Quelle: https://indesignsecrets.com/...s-to-creativepro.php

Dem Dank an Peter Kahrel schließe ich mich sehr gerne an!