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Preisrutsch bei LED-Backlights (TFTs)

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8. Mai 2008, 14:13
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Hoppla, da tut sich ja einiges:

- Acer AL2216WLsd, 22", 1680x1050, ab 336,- Euro

oder (noch besser)
- ViewSonic VLED221wm, 22", 1680x1050, ab 405,- Euro
Astounding colour and precision
ViewSonic’s 22” VLED221wm widescreen LCD features a mercuryfree
LED backlight that requires less power than a standard 22” LCD
yet produces exceptionally brilliant colour and crystal-clear images.
OptiColor 118% NTSC and Super-HD 1680 x 1050 resolution deliver
the deepest colour rendition, while the 16:10 widescreen panel
allows users to work in two documents or applications side-by-side.
Unmatched 12000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio (typ.) further supports the
VLED221wm’s excellent front-of-screen performance with the blackest
blacks and whitest whites. OptiSync digital and analogue inputs
and integrated speakers expand this display’s multimedia versatility.
Gamers, movie fans, graphic designers and home offi ce users will love
the performance and style of the VLED221wm.

Preisrutsch bei LED-Backlights (TFTs)

Thomas Richard
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8. Mai 2008, 18:00
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sind beides TN-Panels aus denen auch durch die reine Sonne dahinter nichts bildverarbeitungstaugliches würde.

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