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Drienko  M  S
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16. Mai 2017, 17:11
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QXP2017: Weiß ist jetzt CMYK

Hallole Zusammen
Zitat Hi all,

small but important change in QuarkXPress 2017:
In QX2017, the default "White" is CMYK now and not RGB like in QX2016 and before.

This change was made very early in QX2017 development cycle to bring the color consistency between default colors.
(All other default colors have always been CMYK, just not the default "White".)

So if you need an RGB White, please create one yourself.

Please note: If you open a legacy document without converting, then the default White will continue to be RGB (so that output will not change). The new behavior is only happening for documents created new in QX2017 or documents that you convert to be QX2017-native.



Gruss, Bernd D.
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