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29. Nov 2013, 11:17
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ScriptUI for Dummies | Peter Kahrel

Hallo, zusammen!

DAS Standardwerk für ScriptUI hat eine Neuauflage erfahren:

Peter Kahrel
ScriptUI for dummies
Version 2.2


Zitat von Peter Kahrel ScriptUI is a module in the Adobe CS family (from CS2 in PhotoShop, CS3 for InDesign) with which dialogs can be added to scripts written in JavaScript. The module is included in the ExtendScript Toolkit, and dialogs written in it can be used in scripts targeted at all CS applications. Though this guide deals mainly with InDesign as a target application, virtually everything covered here applies to scripts written for the other CS apps as well. This guide is for ScriptUI only: it assumes that you are more or less proficient in JavaScript.

Mit herzlichem Gruß,
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