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Update-Details zu InDesign CC 2018 Version

Uwe Laubender
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4. Jul 2019, 16:18

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Hallo zusammen,

seit Mitte Juni 2019 bietet Adobe über die Creative Cloud Desktop App ein neues Update für InDesign CC 2018 an. Die aktuellste Version der CC 2018 ist nun

Details zum Bugfixing hier:

Zitat Key issues resolved

[macOS only] InDesign crashes while changing the font or working with the font drop-down.
[Windows only] Trying to open a file from ‘Recent’ tab of Start workspace while quit for InDesign has been started, crashes the application
Cannot select text on FontSpecMultilineTextEditBoxWidget read-only text attribute
Adornment redraw issue for inline page items
[High Quality Display] Image is distorted when it is copied, edited using Edit With or Edit Original, and then pasted.
[macOS only] Command period closes InDesign unexpectedly
Performance issue with printing proxy images
InCopy crashes when opening assignment in Galley view with Span Columns style
[macOS only] Mouse events not intercepted in MultilineTextEditBoxWidget
[Windows only] First character is skipped while typing

Für die Windows-Anwender:
Folgende Hotfixes, die bisher nicht über die Creative Cloud Desktop App installierbar waren, sollten in Version eingearbeitet sein.
Mit herzlichem Gruß,
Uwe Laubender