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25. Sep 2006, 19:18
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hier eine anfrage von einem freund aus norwegen, der gerade heftigen stress hat und dringend hilfe braucht … ich hoffe ihr könnt helfen … leider kenne ich mich opi überhaupt nicht aus … danke …

Here is the case.
We have a program that create PDFs using destiller PDF and omit images. It does create filed based on OPI 1.3 standard. We get around 150 new images from different places each day and all transfer of the files takes up a lot of banwidth. Its used on a system using online system and not a regular DTP workflow and therefore size matters.

Problem is as follows:
We create a OPI image replacement file
We move it
System grabs it and we run an output
images should resolve, but don’t without a lot of manual manipulation of files.

Helios go for the full path in the PDF and not for the image name only. Its located on a Unix system but the creation of the file is on a Windows system

The path collected in the PDF is from the pickup place and not keeping the high-resolution path.

How to avoid this?

Suggestion: A script that redefine the PDF image path to the Unix path instead of the windows path since image name is not changed, only the path.

Suggestion2: change to different OPI that have a database connected to it?

I must emphasise that the system creates correct OPI files based on the Standard, but it seems that Helios have a problem with all type of input using moved OPI files to swap.

Also, just to keep the preasure up – I need answers ASAP, and tomorrow mid day is more or less our dead-line finding a solution