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16. Jun 2002, 13:59
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opfer :)

ich habe heute diese nette mail bekommen :

We are offering you our large email database that contains targeted email
addresses and general opt-in addresses. You can reach over 28 million
people with your email campaign.

All 28 million email addresses come in various lists that are "locked" on a
FREE CD with full details of all the different lists available and instructions on
how to activate the lists, this also includes FREE software to send / manage
your lists.

To receive your FREE CD please foward a copy of this email to:
requestcd@excite.com with your address, the Cd will be shipped to you (worldwide) shortly after your email has been received.

Note: Please be sure to include a copy of this email in your reply. Questions
will only be answered after you have received and read the detailed information
on your Cd.

To be removed please email takeoffmynamenow@excite.com

na da sind jungs ja hier an der richtigen adresse.
es wäre schön wenn so viele leute wie möglich mitmachen und denen eine nette mail schreiben oder ein reply pic zukommen lassen :))
excite ist natürlich schon benachrichtigt worden.


DENKBETRIEB neue medien
SPAMMING WARFARE nieder mit dem pack

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